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2022 / 05 / 03
Waterproof? Water Repellent? Or Water Resistant?_HWAFUNE Newsletter no.17
Have you ever experienced purchasing a so-called waterproof jacket, but got all wet after heavy rain? Then you started to wonder: shouldn’t it be waterproof? Well, that is because even for waterproof, there are different levels. Below we will introduce 3 levels and why are they different. Water Resistant This is the lowest level for waterproofing. When we discuss water resistance on a jacket, it simply means that the density of the fabric is high. Water needs time to pass through the fabric, therefore it create the feeling of being water resistant. Water Repellent The second level for waterproofing. It means that the moisture will not penetrate the fabric so easily. The durable water repellent (DWR) treatment uses an agent on the surface of the fabric to keep the garment dry. Whether the fabrics are waterproof or not, DWR can be used to keep clothes from getting wet for a distance of time. Waterproof Waterproof is the reliable, guaranteed, top-of-the-line protection so you won't get wet in a storm, a shower, or a sudden torrential downpour on a sunny day. No matter if it’s a porous or non-porous membrane, no water can pass through, to achieve the highest level of waterproof function. Now you know the differences. It is easier to explain your needs to suppliers or local stores. Just remember to choose the functional clothing that meets your need and enjoy it. You can also contact Hwa Fune to know more.
2022 / 03 / 08
The impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict_HWAFUNE Newsletter no.15
The impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict cause upon global apparel industry. Apparel industry organizations in Europe and the United States have all implied that the aggression of Russia and Ukraine may lead to an increase in the cost of the global apparel industries. The organization believes that if the situation worsens, the cost of raw materials will continue to rise in this industry due to the upswing of energy prices. The European Apparel and Textile Confederation (Euratex) indicated: The energy crisis that started at the end of last year has been worsening in the last week. Prices of energy, gas, and oil have been skyrocketing. According to Reuters, Benchmark European gas prices at the Dutch TTF hub rose by 330% last year, while benchmark German and French power contracts have more than doubled. Dr. Sheng Lu, associate professor of fashion and apparel studies at Delaware University, said: "While Russia and Ukraine play a small role in apparel production and trade, it does not mean that the apparel industry is immune to the knock-on effects of military conflict. Julia Huges, President of United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA), substantiated, “Ukraine, despite not being a major supplier to the US market, is important to some US companies. During 2021, the US imported more than US$20million apparel from Ukraine.” Although the industry situation is dire, the main concern today is the people of Ukraine and we hope that this military invasion will end as soon as possible.