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2022 / 04 / 19
Three Reasons why Sustainability is an Irreversible Trend.

Sustainability is not mentioned only on Earth Day. In the textile industry, it is an issue that has been discussed for over decades.

In the past, consumers' requirements for functional gears were high performance and low price, but now it has become high performance and sustainability. There are a few reasons for such a shift:

1. The rising awareness of consumers: due to the disasters and epidemics, consumers started to pay attention to sustainability issues.

2. Sustainability becomes a quantifiable indicator: There are many environmental protection certifications and carbon footprint calculations, making sustainability a concrete and scientific matter. The Eco-friendly standard is no longer decided by suppliers.

3. Information transparency: Consumers are accustomed to searching through the Internet before purchasing. Public information allows consumers to judge whether a product is sustainable or not.

Sustainable clothing is an irreversible trend, and all textile industries are researching new sustainable products. Advanced research and development represent new hope for the earth. If you are looking for sustainable products for functional fabrics, contact us to learn more about what Porlite means to sustainability.