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2021 / 12 / 07
HWAFUNE Newsletter no.12

Facing 2022.

2021 come close to an end. This year’s challenges are no less than last year, but facing them is what we must do. This year we paid attention to some international issues, and also considered the trend of the textile industry and apparel:

  1. People care about nature more. Not only are they more willing to step into nature, but more importantly, everyone pays more attention to sustainability issues.
  2. Consumers no longer require fast and popular items and are more inclined to choose durable and responsible products.
  3. Busy port and congestion in transportation has caused international corporation to rethink about the production chain.

Hwa Fune found that Eco-friendly fabric is the top hit this year. Therefore, we launched Porlite, which is a functional fabric with a friendly environment. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint (energy saving) during production, the focus is on its completely solvent-free characteristics, and it does not burden the earth at all.

It has been a tough year for all industries. We thank all our partners for cooperation and support. Because of your support, Hwa Fune is able to improve and provide better service. We expect the border to open next year and look forward to seeing you in person again.