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2021 / 11 / 08
The Cleaning of Functional Jacket.


Think of your favorite outdoor jacket, and try to recall when was the last time you had it cleaned? We often forget to care about our jackets when the season change and our wardrobe staples rotate.

How can we maintain the lifetime of the jackets?

If you want your jacket to look as glamorous as it once was and prolong its life. Here is some important knowledge you need to know first.

How do I know when to clean?

  • Down jackets: Once a season, if worn occasionally; twice a season, if worn regularly.
  • Fleece jackets: After six or seven times of wear.
  • Rain jackets: Once a season, if worn infrequently; once a month, if worn regularly.


How to clean the waterproof & windproof jacket

  1. Wipe the dirt with a soft brush.
  2. Close all the zippers, buckle the buttons, stick the Velcro, and loosen all the drawstrings.
  3. Put the jacket in the laundry bag to avoid excessive twisting during the wash.
  4. Use the washing machine and choose the neutral detergent or the functional clothes dedicated. It's recommended to set the soft washing mode and medium temperature.
  5. Do not use clothing softeners, bleach, or products containing stain removers for cleaning.


Don’t forget to tend to your jacket during the offseason. Hope your functional outfit lasts longer and discover more adventures with you.