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2023 / 11 / 28
Porlite® 2.0 How it begins ~

Currently, the textile industry is in the process of transforming into an eco-friendlier industry. The textile industry not only focused on the facility's advancement but the material and technology upgrades were not left behind.

According to Greenpeace, PFOA and PFAS can evaporate from textile products into the air. They exist in the environment and never disappear. Therefore, the chemicals accumulate within all organisms, including humans. The accumulation causes deterioration in many human health systems, causes harm to reproduction, and increases or promotes cancers.

Here, we introduce the new Porlite® 2.0.

The membrane is made from PP and therefore causes no harm to the environment after burning, especially toxic chemicals like PFOA and PFAS. In addition to the eco side of the product, Porlite® 2.0 is popular for its 2L, 2.5L, and 4L. This is due to the fact that we overcome the oil and scratch issues while maintaining great performance.

If you have not encountered the fabric before, come to our booth at ISPO for further information.

*Our sales will come back to you if date is confirmed, thank you~