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2023 / 11 / 10
Color fastness testing - An Introduction

Why are Color fastness testing important?


Have you had the experience of washing your Red clothes with others' and find out some clothes were contaminated.


Then you think: OMG, why is this happening to me?


Well, it is all about color fastness.


Below, we will discuss about two different color fastness testing.


Color Fastness to Wash:
Common test standard is ISO 105 C06.
The test continues for 45 minutes. In each container, there are several steel balls and small fabric pieces. 
By washing them together, we are stimulating the washing condition in the household. 
In the end, we find out if the colour faded during washes.


Color Fastness to Water:
Common test standard is ISO 105 E01.
We proceeded the test to evaluate if a migration could happen for clothes during humid condition. 


By proceeding Colour fastness to washing and water, It helps the specialist to know the colour conditions and ensure the quality of the product.

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