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2022 / 09 / 19
Achievable recycled cycle in Textile

With the advancement of science and technology, textile materials are constantly updated. Even the recycled materials that everyone expects have made a breakthrough.

Textile recycling is the process of recovering fiber, yarn, or fabric and reprocessing the textile material into valuable products. If the processed fabric is made of one single material, it can be recycled completely!

It may be great for fabric and membrane both made of poly(Poly yarn and Eco poly membrane). After various tests, we found that the poly material not only can be recycled but also has good performance.

This is an environmentally-friendly initiative for processing fabrics, making clothing production and recycling a closed cycle. In Hwa Fune, you can know the detailed differences and performance. Follow us to learn more.

100% Polyester Recycle Ribstop
F.C.DWR 10/70-80%
Eco Poly Membrane WP/MVP:10K/10K
3L:W-4899 Polyester Jersey
weight: 140GSM±5%

The whole fabric is made of Polyester. The perfect hand feel can make a comfortable and sustainable jacket.