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2022 / 08 / 17
Beware & Be Careful - Forever Chemicals

PFAS is a toxic substance that can cause endocrine abnormality in the human body and even cause cancer. It is easy to spread but hard to decompose.

As it accumulates within our organs, people have started to recognize the potential danger it has caused.

Surprisingly and…..maybe not so surprise!!

Did you know PFAS are often found in textiles and even children's products?

Nearly 60% of children’s textiles labeled “waterproof”, “stain-resistant”, or “environmentally friendly” that were tested as part of a new study contained toxic PFAS substances known as “forever chemicals” due to their persistence in the environment.

PFAS in clothing can get into the body via several routes. The chemicals are volatile, meaning they can break out from the products they are applied with, then move through the air and inhaled by animals and human. Furthermore, the chemical and be absorbed by our skin, making us no where to hide.

To avoid PFAS, we introduce Porlite®. A completely fluorine-free fabric from early production to DWR and after customer consumption. It is safe whether wearing or washing. Porlite® cares about people's health and the heath of this planet. Check the information below, or contact us directly to find out more about saving you, me and the planet.

Information source: Forever chemicals’ found in nearly 60% of children’s ‘waterproof’ or ‘stain-resistant’ textiles