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2021 / 07 / 08
UMORFIL® Fiber| Hwa Fune eco series.

UMORFIL® Technology is founded in 2012. Its name originates from the combination of Latin “Umor” and French “Fil”. Umor means moisture and fil means yarn.



“Behind the ingredient-UMORFIL® Technology”

Respecting nature life by bringing circular economy concept into textile material. Let textile contribute to solve environmental problems and remain its original beauty. UMORFIL®  bionic fiber series are all designed and made in Taiwan.

UMORFIL® Technology

Sparkles at skin friendly features, UMORFIL® bionic fiber has passed medical level of skin sensitization/ irritation testing (ISO 10993). Well performance relates with denim, outwear, home textile, wadding and shoes products. Decrease the use of auxiliary chemical. The original properties will last after washing.




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Information source: https://www.umorfil.com/index.html