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2021 / 06 / 10
Porlite| Hwa Fune eco series.


Born of the need to protect both people and the environment, Porlite is made from non-toxic, energy saving and environmentally friendly materials.

It is a pioneering technological innovation created by the textile industry, and its outstanding ventilation and wind resistance features offer superior comfort to the wearer.

When you choose Porlite, not only do you choose the color and comfort of the fabric, you demonstrate your commitment to the environment and a connection with nature.

Porlite emphasizes the environmental protection from production to disposal.

The main material of Porlite membrane, is made up of carbon and hydrogen molecules. It is burnable with very low environmental impact, and meets the standards on environmentally friendly in terms of saving energy and non-toxic emission. After all, Porlite create no harm to human bodies and the earth.

Porlite membrane uses low-temperature production and solvent-free laminating, which saves 40% of energy compared with the previous 3-layer fabric. The feature of easy coloring reduces the time and temperature of dyeing, not only saving energy but saving 50% of water.


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