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2021 / 11 / 23
Eco Poly Membrane| Hwa Fune eco series.

With the advancement of science and technology, textile materials are constantly updated. Even the recycled materials that everyone expects have made a breakthrough.

If the processed fabric is made of single material, it can be recycled completely!! It may be great for fabric and membrane both made of poly. After various tests, we found that the poly material not only can be recycled but also has good performance.

This is an environmentally-friendly initiative for processing fabrics, making clothing production and recycling a closed cycle.

Advantages of Eco Poly Membrane

  • Garment is 100% Recyclable
  • Super Stretch  & Recovery
  • None - Solvent
  • Multiple End-use (Plastic product, Tar laying)
  • Optimal WP & MVP (20K/20K)
  • Eco Solvent-Free Lamination (Moisture Adhesive Reactive)


  Eco Poly Memebrane PET PU TPU
WP/ MVP 15K/15K 10K/10K 30K/30K 15K/15K


None None DMF None


300% X 200% 220%
Recyclable Yes Yes X X
Material source Production Waste Production Waste X X
Melting point 180℃ 170℃ 170℃ 150℃

*The performance display is the best result. The actual situation determined by yarn type.



•89%Polyester 11%Spandex(4-way)
•DWR10/70-80%, WP 15,000, MVP 15,000g/m2/24hr
•Weight: 119GSM±5%
•2LL/ Eco Poly Membrane