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2021 / 07 / 23
Bio Membrane| Hwa Fune eco series.

Most everyday consumer and industrial products are made using non-renewable resources, such as petrochemicals. The overuse of these finite resources is not sustainable.

Biomass products use naturally-derived glucose instead of petroleum feedstocks. Reducing the use of fossil fuels can not only reduce greenhouse gas production, but also allow products to decompose naturally and return to nature.

Reduce greenhouse gases by more than 40%

Non-renewable energy use about 45% less


Process Technology


Renewably sourced feedstocks are harvested, dried and then wet-milled to create a range of carbohydrate rich feedstocks such as glucose.


Glucose is converted into 1,3 Propanediol using a patented microorganism under exact temperatures and conditions.


The 1,3 Propanediol is refined to a final purity of 99.7% by deactivating and removing the microorganism, water, and other byproducts.



97%Bio Nylon 3%Spandex Dobby
F.C.DWR10/70~80%, WP20,000m/m, MVP15,000g/m2/24hr

DuPont B20W Susterra


100%F.D.Nylon Oxford
W/R, WP25,000m/m, MVP15,000g/m2/24hr

3LL/ DuPont B20W Susterra


information source: DuPont Susterra Website

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