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2021 / 09 / 07
Hwa Fne care about social welfare.

Hwa Fune Industry Co., Ltd has been concerned about Taiwanese social issues for a long time. In order to assist people with disabilities in their daily life and employment, we often donate fabrics to Taiwan public interest groups.

This year, the air-conditioning of 財團法人蘭智社會福利基金會 needs to be replaced with new ones. Hwa Fune join the donation project, and hoping to support disadvantaged friends and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

今年 財團法人蘭智社會福利基金會 的冷氣需要汰舊換新,驊豐義不容辭的也加入捐贈行列,希望給予弱勢朋友支持,並善盡企業社會責任。


蘭智基金會 玩美布工坊