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2021 / 11 / 02
HWAFUNE Newsletter no.11

The inflation of 2021.

Many countries have felt the impact of inflation in the second half of 2021. Not only the raw materials price have a significant raise, but also the consumer products. Products like textile or cars which related to energy and transportation are the most obvious products of the price increase.

The annual inflation rate in the US edged up to a 13-year high of 5.4% in September of 2021 from 5.3% in August.

The annual inflation rate in the UK edged down to 3.1% in September of 2021 from a 9-year high of 3.2% in August and below forecasts of 3.2%.

According to the Fed, inflation ticked up in recent weeks and months due to transitory factors. The global power shortage and the transportation problem are still happening. Follow us to know the direction of the world.


information source: : "Trading Economics" https://tradingeconomics.com/