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2021 / 08 / 02
HWAFUNE Newsletter no.8

The Secret of Athletes.

The Tokyo Olympics Game is raising the passion of everyone in the world. Have you ever noticed the outfit of athletes?
The functional sportwear is designed for the better performance of. One of the most famous is the Vaporfly Next% series of Nike.


Moisture absorbing and quick dry

The most important function of sportswear is moisture control. Moisture absorbing and quick drying fabrics ensure that the sportswear can cope with various exercise intensities and environments. The effects of different yarns and fabrics are very different.

The main purpose of moisture control

  • Thermoregulation
  • Control the weight of sweat accumulated in the garment
  • Reduce blisters and inflammation when the skin becomes damp
  • Reduce the reproduction of microorganisms.

Although it’s difficult to go to Tokyo this year, through the TV broadcast, we may see some points that have not been noticed in the past.