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2021 / 05 / 12
HWAFUNE SS 22/23 Selection.

2021 is a year of recovery. Last year, the whole world was in an atmosphere of helplessness. We cherish each other, and wish a better future.

Since last year, we have been used to staying at home. We stay with our family, and exercising at home. Hwa Fune sees this trend and proposes light, soft and sustainable fabrics. 2021 spring and summer new products, let your design more freedom, make sports lovers more comfortable, and make the earth more beautiful.


Sustainbility Light Jacket Pants


•38%F.D.Nylon 62%F.D.Bio Nylon Ribstiop
•2LL/ Ultramid®, Weight: 117 GSM±5%
•Suitable for casual, work wear…etc.


•100%F.D. nylon6.6 ribstop
•2.5L with Cellulose Print, Weight: 83 GSM±5%
•Suitable for rain coat, causal, jogging, hiking…etc.


•90% polyester, 10% spandex(4-way)
•Weight: 127 GSM±5%
•Suitable for causal, jogging…etc.